Opus 17

Opus 17 was installed on April 8 at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Pickerington, OH. This system was built with full midi console controls, a 15" touch screen monitor. ​

Organ Technology

Opus 40

This system was installed during August at Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw, MI. Originally a two-manual tab console, it was custom built with three new tracker-touch manuals and dual touchscreens. It features an internal sound system that allows it to be used in a practice room, but is set up to be connected to the sound system in the college's recital hall for use in concerts and recitals.

Opus 50

Opus 50 was installed in February 2015 in a private home in Tonkawa, OK. This instrument was originally a two-manual tab stop organ, but was converted into a three-manual drawknob console. 

Opus 39 

This project was recently completed in August 2014 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Westville, IL. The congregation's failing Conn console was converted on-site to a virtual organ system using upgraded keyboards and dual touch screens. With midi thumb and toe pistons and expression pedals, the experience of playing this organ is very much like that of a conventional console, except that stops are selected using the touch screens rather than physical drawknobs. The system was installed with a multi-channel audio system that fills the church with beautiful sound. Several sample sets were installed, with the 1928 E.M. Skinner as the primary organ.​

Opus 65

​Opus 65 was installed in private home in Jupiter, FL in February 2016. Based on a two-manual Allen organ, it now features three manuals, three expression/crescendo pedals, and a full compliment of thumb and toe pistons. Stops are controlled via touchscreen monitors. The sound system features 8 audio channels. 

Opus 22

This contemporary console was delivered in early June of 2012 to the Denver, CO area.

Opus 41

Opus 41 was installed in August of 2014 in a private home in Elm City, NC. We completely rebuilt a two manual console to create this three-manual midi console. The  console's thumb pistons and toe studs are used to control Hauptwerk's combination action, and stops are selected using the dual touch screens. The primary sample set used is Milan Digital Audio's 1928 E.M. Skinner. ​​

Opus 1, an Allen T-12a, was delievered to our first customer in Miami, FL.

Opus 46

Opus 46 was installed in a private home in Minneapolis, MN. The four-manual system features mult-channel audio, and uses dual touch screens to control the stops. Vintage Conn organ "pipe" speakers are used as part of the audio system.

Opus 47

​​Opus 47 was installed in November at Southern Gables Church in Littleton, CO. The console has full lighted-drawknob combination action, and the system features a six channel audio system. Custom drawknobs were engraved to match the 1928 E.M. Skinner sample set, with additional drawknobs engraved to facilitate the use of additional symphonic instrument voices provided by synthesizer software. 

Opus 38 

This system was installed in the beautiful new Grace Chapel at at Scottsdale Bible Church in Scottsdale, AZ. It features dual touch screens and a third screen to provide the organist with additional information about Hauptwerk settings.

Opus 33

This custom three-manual console was installed in a private home in Macon, GA. LA. All-new custom-engraved draw knob heads were installed to match the 1928 E.M. Skinner sample set from Milan Digital Audio. The console features lighted draw knobs controlled by Hauptwerk.​

This unit was based on a two-manual tab stop console. The stop jambs, draw knobs, third expression pedal, and toe pistons were all added to meet the customer's requirements.

Opus 30 

This instrument, which started life as a two-manual console, was custom built for a customer in Kentucky. It has four manuals, and the stops are controlled through dual touch screen monitors. The organ and bench were finished in Colonial White and dark walnut accents, with added decorative moldings on the side panels. Angled panels were created to allow for the mounting of twelve additional toe pistons. A third expression pedal was also added.

Opus 29

This system was delivered to its new owner in Connecticut in late April. Based on a medium oak Rodgers console, it features full midi controls, internal computer and sound system, and a small 9" touch screen monitor, which allows the console's rolltop lid to be closed with no screen visible. 

Opus 12

Opus 12, a beautiful natural oak console originally built by Rodgers, was delivered in July 2011 to its new home in Greenville, IL. It features a touch screen monitor mounted on an adjustable arm, and internal Bose sound system, and fully active midi stop tabs and pistons. 

Opus 24​

This unit was installed in the home of its new owner in Dallas, TX in November. The original Allen manuals, pedals, pistons, and swell shoes were converted to midi.

Opus 37

This three-manual console was recently installed at Holy Cross Church in Champaign, IL. The console was originally a two manual instrument, but was custom built with the three manuals and stop jambs trimmed in dark walnut. It features custom-engraved drawknobs and full Hauptwerk-controlled moving stop combination action.

Opus 36

This three-manual console was recently installed at St. John's Lutheran Church in Moore, OK. 39 tabs were added to the console's original 48. New custom tabs were installed to match the 1928 E.M. Skinner sample set, with 63 stops and 24 couplers. The console was built with full Hauptwerk-controlled moving tab combination action. A multi-channel audio system was installed to fill the sanctuary with rich, full sound. ​

Opus 18

A beautiful Allen console with a walnut finish, one swell pedal, lighted pedalboard, and folding lid was delivered to its new owner in the Memphis, TN area in late April. The original Allen manuals and all other controls were converted to midi. 

Opus 8

Opus 8 was built in the case of a Saville organ, and was installed in January 2010 at First Presbyterian Church in Tonkawa, OK. It is equipped with midi stop tabs and presets, which allow the organ to be played without the organist having to use the touch screen..  

Opus 26

This beautiful draw knob console was delivered to its new owner in Alamogordo, New Mexico in March 2013. The console was originally a two-manual Rodgers, but we added a third manual and converted it into a full midi console.

Opus 4 was delievered to its new home in Oxford, MS in August. It was built in an Allen TC-4 cabinet that came from a church in the Detroit, Michigan area. 

Completed Projects​

Opus 15

Opus 15 was installed at St. George's Episcopal Church in Bossier City, LA on November 26, 2011. This beautiful oak drawknob console once served a church in St. Paul, MN. All drawknobs, pistons, and other controls were converted to midi. A 4,000 watt main amplifier driving speakers in the balcony is supplemented by a Bose L1 system located near the console in the front of the sanctuary. 

Opus 55

Opus 55 was installed in late May, 2015 in a private home in the Atlanta, GA area. The instrument features lighted drawknobs and coupler tabs, which were custom-engraved to match the Salisbury Willis sample set. We used an 8-channel audio system with two subwoofers. The console started life as a three-manual Rodgers, and we added a fourth manual. 

Opus 9

Opus 9, a beautiful Oak Allen console, was delivered in February to its new home in Omaha, NE. It has an HP TouchSmart computer and an internal Bose sound system.​

Opus 5

Opus 5, a walnut Allen TC-1, was delivered to its home in Tonkawa, OK in September 2010. 

This beaktiful walnut pedalboard was converted to midi, and shipped to its new owner in Norway.

Opus 6  was a custom conversion of a Conn Tampico that had been in the customer's family since it was new. It's now being enjoyed in its home in Fergus Falls, MN.

Opus 31

This instrument was originally a Rodgers two-manual organ. We added a third manual, and reconfigured the stop jambs to add drawknobs for the third manual. The drawknob caps were configured to match the 1928 E.M. Skinner sample set from Milan Digital Audio. Full lighted drawknob combination action was installed. When a stop is selected, either on the console or the screen, the corresponding drawknob on the console lights up. The console was installed in a private home in Stafford, VA.​

Opus 32

This three-manual console was recently installed at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Catholic Church in Sulphur, LA. All-new custom-engraved stop tabs were installed to match the 1928 E.M. Skinner sample set from Milan Digital Audio, which sounds wonderful in the church's beautiful sanctuary. The console features full moving tab combination controlled by Hauptwerk.

Opus 21

This beautiful drawknob pipe organ console was delivered to its new owner in Pleasant Hill, CA in early June of 2012. The stop drawknobs, couplers, toe pistons, and expression pedals were were reconfigured as midi controls. The console was originally installed in a church in Houston, TX. It was later moved to Calvary Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN. 

Opus 7

Opus 7 was built in a beautiful oak Kilgen console that came from Cincinnati, OH. The stop tabs were midified. It is now at home with its new owner in Albert Lea, MN.

Opus 44

Opus 44 was installed in September in a home in Charleston, IL. This three-manual console features moving drawknobs, and we installed a full midi control system to allow Hauptwerk's combination action to move the drawknobs and tabs. The touch screen can also be used to select options and controls stops.​

Opus 14

Opus 14, a traditionally-styled walnut AGO console originally built by Conn, was delivered to the Houston, Texas area. The organ console was customized with full midi stop tabs; 19 thumb pistons and 10 toe pistons were added. The console is equipped with a 17" touch screen and an internal sound system. 


Opus 20

This console, built in a Baldwin case, was installed in a small, picturesque church in Owego, NY in May.​

Opus 3 was delievered to Fort Dodge, IA in June. The Allen Rondo console, in oiled walnut, came from Florida.

Opus 62

Opus 62 was completed in March at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Urbana, Illinois. The console has 64 moving draw knobs and 24 moving coupler tabs, all of which were engraved to match the Salisbury Cathedral Willis sample set. The installation features a superb sounding 16 channel audio system that includes Danley subwoofers. 

Opus 25

Delivered to its new owner in New Jersey in early February,  this unique unit was built in the case of one of the limited number of Allen organs designed to resemble a Holtcamp console. This instrument features a full AGO-standard 32-note concave, radiating pedalboard and two 61-note manuals, as well as full midi capability for the stop tabs and pistons. ​


Opus 2 was built in an Allen TC-1 cabinet that came from a church in Schaller, IA and is now at home in New Ulm, MN. 

Opus 64

Opus 64 was installed on January 29, 2016 in the auditorium of New Richmond High School in New Richmond, WI. The Willis Hereford Cathedral sample set will provide a versatile instrument for recitals and choral accompaniment. 

Opus 23

This four-manual console was built from a Baldwin two-manual console. The original console had one swell pedal; this was replaced with three midi swell shoes.​

Opus 16

Opus 16 was a custom conversion of a Rodgers two-manual drawknob organ for a customer in Montreat, NC. The keyboards were replaced, and all the drawknobs, pistons, and other controls were converted to midi controls.