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This impressive dark walnut console features three manuals, a full array of thumb pistons, three expression/crescendo pedals, and 14 toe pistons. Stops are operated by dual touch screen monitors. This beautiful unit is well suited for use in a church or auditorium, and can be customized with additional features such as physical coupler tabs and/or drawknobs.

Organ Technology


This beautiful three-manual oak pipe organ console would be a beautiful addition to a church. It's currently equipped with 83 moving drawknobs, but more can be added. It could also accomodate a fourth manual. 

It also has four expression/crescendo pedals and 16 toe pistons. It will be finished with new drawknob stems and heads, custom engraved to match the selected organ sample set. Contact us for pricing information on a complete, ready-to-play system. 

This walnut console is finished and ready for delivery. It features midi manuals, and two expression shoes. It has 29 thumb pistons, and the tabs to the left of the lower manual are midi, so they can be used to control couplers or stops in the Hauptwerk organ. There are addition rotary midi control knobs to control crescendo, volume, or other functions.

You can choose to purchase the console only, or a fully configured system with computer, monitor, and audio system. It can also be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Currently Available

Please contact us for information about the units we have available for sale. We currently have several consoles on hand in various finishes. They can be customized for your needs, and can be delivered soon.