Organ Technology

Currently Available

Please contact us for information about the units we have available for sale. We currently have several consoles on hand in various finishes. They can be customized for your needs, and can be delivered soon.

Available Consoles

We also have this very nice walnut console with three manuals and lighted drawknobs. It features three expression/crescendo pedals and a full set of toe pistons.

This is a very nice two-manual console with two expression pedals. It has moving drawknob actions, so it can be built with Hauptwerk controlled moving combination action.

This amazing five-manual console was built by Laukhuff in Germany, and was custom built for a church in Rochester, MN for use with an existing Skinner pipe organ. It features five wooden-key manuals and 140 drawknobs, making it suitable for use with some of the largest Hauptwerk sample sets. It has full Hauptwerk-controlled moving drawknob action, three expression/crescendo pedals, and a full compliment of thumb and toe pistons.